Safety Program Template with updates for IoT released

Janco releases version 3.2 of its Safety Program with specific updates that focus on IoT (Internet of Things)

Safety Program TemplatePark City - UT - Safety Program Template with updates for IoT released - With the rapid expansion of IoT devices and the implications that makes on safety of employees and 3rd parties, Janco Associates, Inc. has updated it Safety Program Template ( ) to take IoT into consideration.The CEO of Janco Associates, Mr. Victor Janulaitis said, "As companies begin to implement IoT they are expanding the universe of individuals they need to consider in their Safety Program" The CIO also said, "IoT devices report status at a point in time and people will react to that data. If it is inaccurate and the individual does something that could impact their safety the company may be at risk. " He added, "Janco's Safety Program along with the action steps that need to occur when deploying IoT is the right tool to assist in that process. "

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