Pandemic Planning Checklist Electronic Form Released by Janco

Most Enterprises are not prepared to deal with the impact of the coronavirus

Pandemic ChecklistJanco ( Pandemic Planning Check Electronic Form Released- M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , announced today the release of the Pandemic Planning Checklist Electronic Form.  The CEO said, “With the recent outbreaks of the coronavirus, the critical nature of proper preparation is clearly seen. When a pandemic occurs, the importance of keeping the enterprise operational, employees and customers safe cannot be underestimated.”

He added, “The checklist addresses six (6) major areas.

  1. Impact of a pandemic on the enterprise;
  2. Impact of a pandemic on employees and customers;
  3. Definition of specific pandemic procedures that are required to address it;
  4. Definition of resource allocations need to protect both employees and customers;
  5. Identification of communication and education required for management and employees; and
  6. Identification of what coordination with external entities and how to help the local community.”

In addition, the CEO noted, “It is not too late for enterprise to immediately get ready for the onslaught of this new virus. There is still some time left.”

The Pandemic Planning Checklist can be acquired by itself, in the DR/BC form bundle or the IT Infrastructure Forms bundle. The checklist can be acquired for $129 US and is available for immediate download.  The electronic versions of the form are in MS WORD and PDF formats.  It can easily be used on tablets, laptops, and/or desktop computers.

Janco is an international consulting firm that follows issues that concern CIOs and CFOs. The firm publishes a series of IT and business Infrastructure HandiGuides® and Templates including IT Infrastructure Policies and Procedures, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Template, Security Template, IT Job Descriptions, and its semi-annual IT Salary Survey.

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