Work From Home measures defined in KPI Metrics HandiGuide

Major updated to KPI Metrics HandiGuide Released by Janco

Park City UT Janco Associates just announce the release of two products related to KPI metrics and Work from Home measurement criteria. The products are the KPI Metrics HandiGuide and the KPI Metrics, SLA, Outsourcing Job Description Bundle.

KPI Metrics HandiGuide

KPI Metrics including Work from Home  KPI MetricsThe KPI Metrics HandiGuide is over 280 pages in length and is divided in several major chapters

  • Organizational responsibilities - Defines organizational responsibilities before a successful KPI Metrics process can be implemented,
  • Technology Implications - Defines the technology implications of KPI metrics for Work for Home (WFH), Internet, electronication communicatgions, and networking.
  • KPI Metrics Design - Defines design for finanicial, staffing, Internet, competitive/comparative, productivity, system development, reengineering, QA, help desk, IT operations, technology and enteprise/industry specific metrics
  • Sample KPI Metrics - Presents a actural metrics including data presentation techniques and rules to be followed that are the most effective with management and user groups.
  • KPI Metrics Implementation - Provides an implementation plan with key rules that should be followed to integrate metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) into his or her enterprise
  • Sample Reports - Presented with way to depict KPI data in a easy to understand format. With over 80 actual graphical reports with over 250 actual metics utilized by enterprises in various industries.
  • Appendix
    • KPI Metrics for Internet, Customers and Social Networks
    • Eight detail job descriptions for key implements and managers of the metrics process including: Chief Digital Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Digital Brand Manager, Manager Metrics, Manager KPI Metrics, Manager Service Level Reporting, Key Performance Indicator Analyst, and SEO Specialist

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MetricsKPI Metrics, SLA, and Outsoucing Job Description Bundle

Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets. The 22 job titles that are associated with defining, implementing and monitoring them within the IT function are contained within this job description bundle.

Each job description comes as an individual file in MS WORD format. Each is at least 3 pages in lenght and some are 8 pages. They all have been updated and meet all manadated compliance requirments.

The job desciptions include:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Experience OLfficer
  • VP Administration
  • VP Strategy and Architecture
  • Digtal Brand Manager
  • Director IT Management and Control
  • Manager Contracts and Pricing
  • Manager Controller
  • Manager KPI Metrics
  • Manager Metrics
  • Manager Outsourcing
  • Manager Service Level Reporting
  • Manager Social Networking
  • Manager Vendor Management
  • Key Performance Indicator Analyst
  • Metrics Measurement Analyst
  • Quality Measurement Analyst
  • SEO Specialist
  • System Administrator Linux
  • System Administrator Unix
  • System Administrator Windows
  • Wi-Fi Network Administrator

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