In April 2021 IT Job Market grew by 23,600 jobs according to Janco - Best 3 months in over 2 years

All the jobs lost during Covid are recovered with jobs added and a BLS adjustment up of 9,100, IT jobs in the prior two months

Park City – –Janco has recorded a significant increase in the size of the IT job market.  According to the latest BLS data analyzed by Janco here are now 3.655 million jobs for IT Professionals in the US.

IT Job Market Segmentation

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “There could be no better news for displaced IT Professionals and current university IT graduates.  Many organizations are now actively recruiting. In some full employment states like Utah, there are many positions for IT pros open because of the lack of qualified candidates.  Also, preliminary results for Janco’s Mid-Year IT Salary Survey (to be released in June) show that IT salaries have begun to move up as demand is exceeding supply.”

Janulaitis added, “With the continued re-opening across the country, increased inoculations for Covid, and re-filling of the supply chains all signs point to an increase in the IT job market.  Janco’s forecast that 100,000 IT jobs will be added in the 2021 calendar year.  However, we are not yet out of the woods as the specter of a potential spike in inflation and higher taxes could cause dampen growth in IT job market size.“

The full analysis can be found at IT Job Market Analysis.

BLS IT Job Market Adjustments

BLS adjustments to the size of the IT Job Market after the initial report - Added 13.7K jobs to prior reported

Before adjustments
IT job market status before BLS adjustments
After Adjustments
IT job market status after BLS adjustments

IT Job Market Forecast
An average of over 12.4K new IT Jobs have been created for the last 12 months. We estimate that an average growth will slow in the remainder of the calendar year.

The full analysis can be found at IT Job Market - Read On

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