IT Job Market Growth Slows as Recovery May Be Stalling reports Janco

16.7K IT jobs created in September versus 22K in August

IT hiring still robust with 117,500 IT jobs created so far in 2021

Park City – – –   Janco reports that 2021 YTD job growth exceeds 2020 by 202,400 YTD.  According to the latest BLS data analyzed by Janco there are now 3.72 million jobs for IT Professionals in the US. The three-month moving average trend for the creation of IT Pros jobs has leveled off. On the bright side, for 13 months in a row there has been an increase in the number of jobs added to the IT job market. The hiring of IT Pros continues to be robust but measured.  This is true across all industries but is focused more on those enterprises where employees are moving back to the in-office environment.

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “An average of 13,000 IT jobs have been added to the IT job market each month of 2021. This number could be greater, but CIOs are having difficulty finding candidates who are qualified for positions that they need to fill.  Much of the recruiting emphasis is on developers with experience in security/compliance and outward facing Internet based applications.  That added to the issue of staff retention has recruiting and HR as top priorities for CIOs.”


Monthly Job Market Growth

Monthly IT Job Market Growth
Source BLS analysis by Janco Associates, Inc.

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IT Job Market Forecast - September 2023

IT Job Market Forecast
There has been a major shift in the creation of new IT Jobs - economic slowing is the driver. We estimate that the IT Job market will shrink by in 2023 by around 10K.

IT Job Market Change - October 2023

IT Job Market shrinks by 9,300 jobs YTD

YTD IT Job Market growth

Analysis shows that IT Job Market has shrunk in size. This is a sign that the downturn / recession has hit IT.

Change In IT Job Market Size - October 2023

Net Change in the number of IT Jobs

7,200 IT Jobs have been added in the past 12 months - The IT Job Market grew by 4,300 jobs in the last 3 months.

System Analyst Pay Grades

The CEO added, “We have just updated our IT Hiring Kit.  It contains over 312 industry-standard job descriptions, the latest IT salary data, and our exclusive Interview Recruiting and Hiring guide.      More information on the IT Hiring kit can be found on our website at ”.   He added, “…we have created a System Analyst job class to our IT Professional Job Family Classification & Pay Grade system.   Along with that and our most recent salary survey, we have created several templates for pay grades for the job family. These detailed job descriptions and pay grade templates will be added to the inventory of IT Job descriptions available in the IT Hiring Kit as they are developed.”

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