Managing Remote Workforce During a Downturn

WFH and Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle Released by Janco

CIOs rush to address infrastructure issues while they still have time with staff shortages, inflation, and a looming recession on the horizon

Park City, UT - Janco Associates has just released its latest IT Infrastructure offering with an all-new Work From Home (WFH) and Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle. The focus of this offering is on improving productivity taking into consideration increased numbers of new staff, many of whom do not fall into the traditional in-office work model. The policy bundle addresses security, privacy, compliance, and management of staff that is not in the office. The bundle contains 8 policies, 29 electronic forms, and 16 full management job descriptions focused on improving security and productivity in this new environment.

The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “CIOs are now looking into the future with inflation that is at 40-year highs and sees the potential of a major economic downturn. It is one thing to get management’s approval to manage workers working remotely versus justifying those positions during a wave of cost-cutting which takes hold during a recession. When a downturn occurs visibility will be key.” Mr. Janulaitis added, “CIOs are looking for tools and processes to assure executive management that they are managing technology and its resources cost-effectively.” He added, “We just completed a review of all our IT infrastructure offerings. The first thing that we addressed was the WFH and Telecommuting Policy, but that was not enough. In talking with several of our clients, as they continue to expand the ability of their employees to work from home, we found several risks that companies of all sizes faced. The risks ranged from a more complicated record management, destruction, and retention process to exposure of confidential and sensitive information to individuals within the companies that did not know what they could NOT do with that information.” He added, “Compliance and mandated security only make it more complex.”

The WFH & Mobility Policy bundle contains eight (8) policies: 1) BYOD Access and Use Policy; 2) Mobile Device Access and Use Policy; 3) Privacy Compliance Policy; 4) Record Management, Retention, and Disposition Policy; 5) Social Networking Policy; 6) Travel, Laptop, PDA and Off-Site Meeting Policy; 7) Wearable Device Policy; 8) WFH and Telecommuting Policy. The policies are supported by 29 electronic forms and 16 full job descriptions from Chief Mobility Officer and Chief Security Officer to the Record Management Coordinator. There is a discounted option to get the full bundle as a single PDF file.

The WFH and Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle is available via an electronic download. It can be acquired with up to 24 months of update service and with support included for the first 3 months after purchase.

The CEO added, “Managing WFH and telecommuting is not as difficult as it may sound. The key management issue is the volume of sensitive and confidential information that can be exposed without the proper infrastructure to protect those corporate assets. The WFH and Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle addresses that directly.

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