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R-00183 / DR/BC Audit Program$199.00

The Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Audit Program is provided in MS Word and PDF formats. The Audit Program is ISO 28000, 27000, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant.

P-SP012b / Disaster Recovery Plan (Business Continuity) - Enterprise License$1,999.00

R-00186 / Disaster Recovery Plan (Business Continuity) - Worldwide License$6,000.00

The World Multi-User Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is provided in MS WORD, epub, and PDF formats. This plan can be placed on your INTRANET (not INTERNET) and shared by groups/ divisions/data centers around the globe for a SINGLE DUNS number.

The template is IS0 27000 Series, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA compliant.

P-10003 / Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Job Descriptions (Word / PDF/ePub)$369.00

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Job Description Bundle contains the following detail job descriptions in MS WORD, PDF, and ePub formats. Included are: Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity; Manager Disaster Recovery; Disaster Recovery Coordinator; Disaster Recovery - Special Projects; Chief Compliance Officer; Chief Digital Officer; Chief Information Officer; Chief Experience Officer; Chief Mobility Officer; Chief Security Officer; VP Strategy and Architecture; Digital Brand Manager; Director Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity; Director e-Commerce; Director Media Communications; Manager Database; Manager Media Library Support; Manager Record Administration; Manager Site Management; Manager Social Networking; Capacity Planning Supervisor; and Pandemic Coordinator.

P-SP111 / Security Manual Template$549.00

The Security Manual Template - Proactive Cyber Security Strategy - is provided in MS WORD, PDF, and ePub formats. Included are 7 job descriptions and 31 ELECTRONIC FORMS that will help you implement the policies and procedures.

BONUS - ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Audit Program in MS EXCEL and PDF formats.

P-SP111-12 / Security Manual Template with 12 months update service$799.00

R-00207 / Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Electronic Forms$169.00

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Forms include: Site Evaulation Checklist; LAN Node Inventory; Location Contact Numbers; Off-Site Inventory; Personnel Location; Pandemic Planning Checklist; Plan Distribution; Remote Location Contact Information; Team Call List; Vendor List; Vendor Partner Questionnaire; and, Work From Home Contact Information

SUB-096 / Update Service - Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Electronic Forms$79.00

Update Service - IT Infrastructure Electronic Forms will provide 12 months of updates to the IT Infrastructure Electronic Forms from the date of this transaction.

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