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R-00109 / IT Service Management - Job Descriptions (PDF/Word)$359.00

IT Service Management Job Descriptions (PDF/Word) contains 24 full job descriptions that support the ITSM Policy Template. The job descriptions come as PDF files, individual word files that are fully editable, and in ePub format. Included are: Chief Experience Officer, Digital Brand Manager, Director IT Infrastructure, Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance; Manager Change Control; Manager Customer Service Center<; Manager Help Desk Support; Manager Metrics; Manager Quality Control; Manager Service Level Reporting; Manager User Support; Capacity Planning Supervisor; Change Control Analyst; Change Control Supervisor; Help Desk Analyst; Key Performance Indicatior Analyst; Metrics Measurement Analys; Quality Measurement Analyst; and more.

R-00251 / Chief Experience Officer - CXO Job Description$129.00

The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the executive responsible for the overall experience of customers, suppliers, partners, associates and internal staff to an organization’s products and services.

R-00235 / Digital Brand Manager$129.00

Word format job description for the Digital Brand Manager.

R-00002 / Director Electronic Commerce$75.00

The Director Electronic Commerce (Director e-commerce) oversees the operation of that part of the Electronic Commerce and Wide-Area network (WAN) used for the enterprise’s connection to the Internet, as well as protocols and software used for inter-company communications.

P-00415 / Director IT Infrastructure Job Description$75.00

The major challenge for the Director IT Infrastructure is managing the information technology affairs of the enterprise while balancing technological and computing services with financial and operational needs.

R-00090 / Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Job Description$99.00

The Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance is responsible for understanding and monitoring all processes, that are in place or change, which are associated with compliance of the enterprise to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) – Section 404 and 409 by the computing and communications technology used by the enterprise in the preparation of the enterprise’s financial records. The scope of responsibility includes both the internal and outsourced business/IT functions. As the top compliance resource within IT for the enterprise, he or she provides a single point of contact in Information Technology for audit committee and external auditors, reporting to the executive management and the board of directors of the enterprise.

R-00113 / Manager Change Control Job Description$70.00

The Manager Change Control is responsible for managing the quality of the enterprise production environment by managing, implementing and overseeing a change control process for new updated applications from the test environment to the production environment. This results in high quality systems, thus providing customers with quality products and services.

P-00438 / Manager Customer Service Center Job Description$70.00

The Manager Customer Service Center has the challenge of maintaining customer satisfaction over the full range of services provided by the IT organization.

P-00531 / Manager Help Desk Support Job Description$70.00

The Manager Help Desk Support faces the challenge of meeting customer demand and service levels with limited resources in a rapidly changing environment.

P-00446 / Manager Metrics Job Description$70.00

The primary challenge for the Manager Metrics is establishing and maintaining a good metrics system. The system and processes associated with metrics should encourage reporting true service levels and lead to cooperation and teamwork between IT and the using community.

R-00112 / Manager Quality Control Job Description$70.00

The Manager Quality Control is responsible for helping to establish and monitoring adherence to quality standards in the development of Information Technology. Quality includes both the qualitative and quantitative measures. This includes complying with all mandated requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley.

P-00522 / Manager Service Level Reporting - SLA Job Description$70.00

The primary challenge for the Manager SLA Reporting is establishing and maintaining a good metrics systems that encourages reports true service levels and leads to cooperation and teamwork instead.

P-00513 / Manager User Support Job Description$70.00

The challenge for the Manager User Support is to meet and hopefully exceed service levels for end-user support, training, and consulting development and maintain customer satisfaction while utilizing limited resources.

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