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R-00006 / Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Job Description$70.00

The Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is responsible for managing the disaster recovery process and developing planning for the disaster recovery functions of business functions of the enterprise. In addition, during a disaster this individual is responsible for the continued operation of the business’ infrastructure. The manager is also responsible for long-range disaster recovery planning to provide the highest level of protection possible for the enterprise.

P-00421 / Disaster Recovery Coordinator Job Description$65.00

The Disaster Recovery (DRP) Coordinator faces the challenge of developing an ever current disaster recovery plan and managing a recovery in an efficient an effective manner. The disaster recovery plan must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

P-00422 / Disaster Recovery/Special Projects Supervisor$65.00

The Disaster Recovery (DRP)/Special Projects Supervisor is responsible for advanced planning.

P-00532 / Manager Database Job Description$70.00

The Manager Database is challenged to assist in database programming, troubleshooting and management of problems affecting computer operations, as well as developing the area for future expansion.

P-00397 / Capacity Planning Supervisor Job Description$50.00

The Capacity Planning Supervisor is responsible for initiating the capacity planning process and developing capacity planning for the technical and operational functions of IT in the future.

R-00008 / Manager Media Library Support Job Description$70.00

The Manager Media Library Support is responsible for managing the media librarians and developing and maintaining a magnetic Media library system including the handing of magnetic Medias, labeling the Medias with appropriate naming and numbering conventions, and retrieving or archiving the Medias as required.

P-00524 / Manager Site Management Job Description$70.00

The Manager Site Management is challenged with keeping the enterprise’s computer systems on-line and operational 100% of the time.

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