Flexible Schedules - A Good or Bad Solution

Most managers feel that flexible hours and scheduling improve productivity and employee morale -- Is that true?

Flexible Schedules - A Good or Bad Solution - Most companies offer some form of flexible schedules, which are touted as productivity boosters. However research shows that workers who take advantage of such arrangements see considerable career fallout, including negative performance reviews and limited career advancement. Employees suffer a variety of job repercussions for participating in work-life programs, even when their leaders insist they support the business value. The good news is that most employers around the globe avow support for family-friendly workplaces. The bad news is they are simultaneously penalizing those who actively strive to integrate work with their lives.

Telecommuting PolicyFindings include:

  • Most employers feel that the ideal employee is available 24/7
  • Most employers feel the most productive employees are those with limited personal commitments
  • 93% of employers do not have metrics in place to measure the ROI of flexible work schedules
  • 80% of employers offer some form of flexible scheduling and telecommuting to all staffers
  • 79% of organizations that offer flexible work hours require core work hours when all employees should be working
  • 56% of all companies have included flexible work schedules in their disaster and business continuity plans
  • 54% of employees on flexible schedules do not like their work assignments
  • 53% of all organizations offer flexible work hours to all employees
  • 52% of all organizations have compressed the work week to less than 5 day for some employees
  • 42% of employees on flexible schedules have gotten negative performance reviews
  • 40% of employees on flexible schedules feel they have been denied a promotion because of their work schedules

Telecommuting Policy Template - This policy is 13 pages in length. It contains everything that an enterprise needs to implement a functioning and compliant telecommuting process. Included are forms defining the working environment in addition to a check list to validate that the offsite location complies with you safety requirements.

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