Project Manager Technology - Best Practices

The Project Manager Technology is a key role in most businesses as new technologies are introduced

Project Manager Technology - Best Practices - The Project Manager Technology defines business and systems requirements for the solution of difficult business problems via the application of technology, and formulates procedures, develops, implements, and maintains these new technology-based systems.

To achieve that goal we have identified ten (10) best practices.

  1. Streamline the implementation of new technologies - prototyping and disposable systems are solutions that can help to achieve maximum results.
  2. Maintain a balance between technology and effort expended - minimize the risk that the technology staff is overworked.
  3. Have sufficient staff to research, develop, and implement solutions - new technologies staff are in high demand if they are overworked they will have every incentive to leave the organization.
  4. Minimize the starting and stopping of the creative processes - new technologies are unknowns and there were be many times where they will work in unexpected ways. Research is key to getting a direction and prototyping is a  good way to see how things can work before too much is invested.
  5. Minimize putting too much into new implementations - technology will continue to change. If it takes too long to see some result there will more pressure to put additional features and functions. Wait until a prototype is operational and develop plans to maximize the benefits of the new technology.
  6. Plan for Scalability - when developing a prototype keep in mind what it will take to implement a solution that will work within the enterprise's strategic direction.
  7. Create agreed upon milestones - Once you start, keep the key players in the new technology up to date with both accurate and realistic budgets for time and dollars.
  8. Know where your staff is not adequate - Do not be afraid to get outside help. It does not make sense to reinvent. Too often times individuals are penny wise and pound foolish
  9. Use the latest version of the technology - As new technologies come out, there often are many new "features" that are talked about but only work in the current version
  10. Minimize staff turnover - Staff working on new technology are a resource that will be needed if a new technology is successful. It is more cost effective to pay your existing staff more to keep them than to have to hire and train their replacements.

These best practices can be applied to most postions in an enterprise.

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