Security Manual Features

Security PolicyThe download features Tools, Policies, and eBook functionality

The download has been modified to improve the usability of this offering. The download now contains five (5) directories.

  1. Security Manual Template - It contains the full editable MS WORD and pdf versions of the template.
  2. Forms - It contains all of the forms that are needed to implement a "World Class" security infrastructure. All of the forms are electronic and can be customized and distributed and collected electronically.
  3. Policy - This directory contains both the MS WORD and pdf versions that can be used in support of the security management process. They are:
    • Blog and Personal Website Policy
    • Mobile Use Policy
    • Sensitive and Confidential Information Policy
    • Server Security Policy
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting policy
  4. eBook - Contains eBook versions of the Security and the policies mentioned above in a directory with the name of the author.
  5. Tools - These are out of the box tools that can be used to jump start the security management process. They include electronic MS WORD documents and Excel Spreadsheets. They are:
    • Business Impact Analysis Tool
    • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool
    • Security Checklist
    • PCI Audit Program

Every version of the Security Manual Template can be acquired with either 12 or 24 months of update service. This is a must have feature that guarantees that your organization has the latest versions of the template, forms, policies and tools

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