Work From Home - WFH - Drives Changes for CIOs and Operational Management Focus

Covid-19 significantly alters the priorities of overall enterprise infrastructure processes

WorIT Governance Infrastructure Strategyk from Home (WFH) drives companies to be more customer-focused, improve employee productivity, become process improvement-focused, and be market driven. All that results in a new way of interacting between, employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.   
The top ten areas of focus for CIOs, technology managers, and operational management are:

  • Supporting customer demand for quicker response time
  • Improving service process efficiencies
  • Supporting customer demand requirements
  • Improving WFH workforce utilization and productivity
  • Being there when the customer demand is there
  • Drive increased product and service revenue
  • Minimizing operations costs
  • Drive increased product and service profitability with high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall remote expertise capabilities for all WFH employees

WFH (Work from Home) is now a standard way for many empl;oyees. You need to implement easy Tips to Help you Stay Productive While Working from Home

KPI Metrics including Work from Home  KPI Metrics

In order to effectively address these areas of focus - and strive to implement best practices, the most needed strategic actions to be taken: 

  • Develop/improve metrics, or KPIs, to measure field service performance
  • Invest in mobile tools to support field technicians
  • Integrate new technologies into existing technology and enterprise operations’ infrastructure
  • Provide enterprise-wide access to important data
  • Automate existing manual operations processes and activities

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