Blockchain & DLT Job Description Bundle & IT Job Family Classification System

Order Manager Blockchain Job DescriptionBlockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLR) are the areas that are of the greatest concern to C-Level management. There is a push by everyone to move into the next generation of processing and operational possibilities.

New roles are being created as we speak. Janco, with the assistance of HR and IT professionals along with operational managers has created a set of job descriptions to assist in the development of existing staff and recruiting of individuals who are actual Blockchain and DLT practitioners.

Blockchain Job Description Bundle


Blockchain is one of the "hottest" areas for employment in IT today. It is not uncommon for salarie to be in the range of $130K to $180K. This job description bundle is a must. This bundle will continue to be expanded and updated frequently, the update subscription service is a must.

As an added bonus the job descriptions come as individual MS WORD files and sharable PDF and eReader files.

DevOps - Blockchain - DLT Job Family Defined

As part of Janco's commitment to be a leader in Infrastructure tools. There is a complete Job Family that we have created and implemented that is focused on Blockchain and DLT.

IT Job families

Blockchain salaries

The job family classification system is the basis for setting compensation levels, moving individuals into and out Blockchain, training, and recruiting,

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