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Chief Technology Officer Job DescriptionThe Chief Technology Officer’s role is to align technology vision with business strategy by integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies. The Chief Technology Officer is also responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing technology initiatives within the organization. This individual maintains existing enterprise systems while providing direction in all technology-related issues in support of information operations and core company values.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overall direction of all technology within the enterprise. This includes Information Technology applications, communications (voice, data, and wireless), and computing services within the enterprise that impact both the enterprise, its products, and its customers. As the top technical architect of the enterprise, he or she provides a vision of how technology can be applied. These areas include product design, customer interactions with the enterprise, IT operating systems, communications (voice, data, and wireless), transaction processing and database administration, compliance with all mandated requirements, the information center, personal computers, electronic and optical storage, and multimedia applications.

This individual is responsible for the formatting and presentation of enterprise data on both social and network mobile devices.

  • CTO is both visionary and pragmatic - As an insightful manager, a CTO promotes broad technology agenda to help the business profit from leading-edge initiatives. At the same time as a pragmatist, a CTO deals with the realities of the business. The pragmatist also facilitates the productivity of current IT solutions. The CTO focuses on minimizing cost and maximizing results, in addition the CTO helps to increase the customer and product/service base of the enterprise.

  • CTOs focus on ROI improvement of all technology - CTOs find new ways to help customers and the organization profit from how data is used while focusing on managing budgets and processes to eliminate or reduce costs.

  • CTOs inspire the enterprise and expand the business impact of IT - CTOs have proven expertise in both business and technical facets of their role. CTOs will interact with the enterprise and its executive team as enterprise leaders and drive new business initiatives and shifts jointly the other members of the executive team.

As businesses move into the cloud, digital product and service marketing, social networking, mobile computing and big data, the CTO needs to have skills in many disciplines. Some of the ones that are most in demand are:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Partner and Vendor Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Security and Compliance

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