Compliance Management Version History

Compliance Management Kit The Compliance Management White Paper is updated as mandates and new technologies are added. When you order the original product you are automatically provided with 3 months of update service.

You have the option to order 12 or 24 months of service at that time. In addition, we will send update notifications with special pricing for the updates subscription service.

The Compliance Management Kit comes in three (3) versions. When you order the update subscription service you will automatically be enrolled into the update subscription service for each of the components that are contained within that version.

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Version History

2023 Edition

  • Added section on ISO 28000 Supply Chain to main body
  • Added ISO 28000 - Supply Chain Compliance Audit
  • Updated all included job description
  • Updated all included forms
  • Updated all included policies

2022 Ver 1.1 Edition

  • Added standalone version of HIPAA Audit Program

2022 Edition

  • Updated meet the latest mandated requirements
  • Added Compliance Management Governance Purchase options table

2021 Edition

  • Updated meet the latest mandated requirements