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  • Salary Negotiation Process
  • Patriot Act Renewed - Janco Offers Patriot Act Security bundle
  • Records Management, Retention and Destruction Policy Updated
  • CIO and IT Manager Productivity Tools

  • Salary Negotiation Process

    What both employers and interview candidates need to know -- the salary that employees are paid for their first job at a company sets the benchmark for future compensation

    When looking for a job, in order for new employees to get the right salary individuals need to follow these rules to maximize their compensation. At the same time employers have to develop a strategy that addresses these rules.

    Interviewees do not want to disclose what they are making - Employers want to understand what the expectations of the candidate are

    When asked to include salary requirements with your resume do not do that - leave it blank. That is typically a company's first screen, and it can be used against to exclude you or under pay you. People agonize over what to reveal, because they are afraid of pricing themselves out of a good job. A good answer is to simply put "Open" in that spot. If your qualifications are on target, they'll call you. If in the interview you're asked what you made at your last job, reply by asking about the range for the one you are applying for. You'd be surprised how many managers or human resource representatives will tell you.

    Salary history is a benchmark - Interviewees should not give it - Employers want salary history

    In many job applications, an employer will ask for your salary history. It is perfectly acceptable to write "Willing to discuss at appropriate time during interview process" and leave those numbers blank. Writing down those numbers pigeonholes candidates, and reduces their negotiation power.

    Interview is about the both the candidate and the employer getting to know each other -- It is not a bargaining session

    Don't negotiate salary in the interviews. Instead, negotiate when you'll give them your salary requirements. When they ask you for that figure, tell them you don't know what you'd require until you have a clear picture of the job requirements and potential for advancement over the next five years. After you have that information, and you're asked again for that number, respond by asking to go through what I call your "impacts" - areas of your job that directly impact the company's bottom line. This discussion will allow you to demonstrate what you bring to the table. At the end of that discussion, simply tell them that you are very interested in the position, and that you'd seriously consider any offer they'd like to make.

    Candidate will continue to network even after an offer is made but has not been accepted the position - Employee should continue to interview and keep other candidates active

    Once a job offer is made, it's not a done deal until it is accepted and the employee's first day. Until that happens, keep networking and looking for jobs. It may give you valuable market-worth data about the position you've been offered. It may also be a safety net in case something goes awry between the time you receive an offer and the time you accept it.

    The offer should be clear about what the job and salary are

    Once an offer is given, the candidate has the right to ask for a clarification on it. Asking "Is there any flexibility in this offer?" may help to open a discussion of increasing the offer. If it does, don't expect a large boost in base pay, but rather, an extra week of paid vacation, a signing bonus or other such perks.

    Patriot Act Renewed - Patriot Act Security Bundle Now Available

    Patriot Act Security requirementsPatriot Act Renewed - Patriot Act Security Bundle Now Available

    The Patriot Act allows investigators to use the tools that were already available to investigate organized crime and drug trafficking. Many of the tools the Act provides to law enforcement to fight terrorism have been used for decades to fight organized crime and drug dealers, and have been reviewed and approved by the courts. As explained during the Senate floor debate about the Act, "the FBI could get a wiretap to investigate the mafia, but they could not get one to investigate terrorists. To put it bluntly, that was crazy! What's good for the mob should be good for terrorists."

    The Patriot Act Security Bundle contains the Security Manual Template, the Disaster Recovery Plan Template, the Sensitive Information Policy, the Internet, E-mail & Electronic Communications Policy, the Internet and PC Workstation Policies and Procedures, and 3 Key Job Descriptions - Chief Security Officer (CSO) - Manager Internet - Intranet and Internet - Intranet Administrator.

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    Security Manual Template Updated to cover Mobile Device Access and Use

    Janco has just updated its Security Manual Template to address issues faced by enterprises by defining acceptable access and use policies that can be implemented quickly . It addresses issues such as how to manage in today's threat driven environment.

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    Record Classification, Management, Retention, and Destruction policy Updated

    Template includes citation for federal and selected state record retention requirements

    Record Management PolicyAll business are required by law to keep confidential client information, as well as employee or company data for a minimum amount of time. There are numerous business records that should be held on to for a minimum of seven years, which can include employee agreements, business loan documentation, litigation records, as well as general expense reports and records including overhead expenses and professional consultation fees.

    Other documents may be kept for shorter, longer or an indefinite period of time and it's important to know what legal requirements are enforced for your industry to not only stay compliant, but to also dispose of documents you may no longer need. Regularly maintaining filing cabinets and securely disposing of old documents can help minimize risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. The risks of keeping old documents containing sensitive data can be high - resulting in identity theft, fraud and potential financial loss or reputation damage.

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    Productivity and IT Infrastructure Tools

    Janco with its clients has created a set of Infrastructure tools that every CIO and IT organization needs. With all of the increased security threats and newly mandated requirements why create from these policies and tools from scratch. Janco has just updated all of these tools to reflect the latest mandated requirements and technological implications.

    DRP / BCP Template
    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

    Industry standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Over 3,000 enterprises world-wide have chosen this tool.

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    Security Template
    Security Manual Template

    The IT Security Manual Template provides all the essential sections of a complete security manual and walks you through the creation of each step.

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    IT Job Descriptions
    IT Job Descriptions

    Job descriptions have been created and just updated for every position from CIO to to Computer Operator

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    Cloud Management
    Cloud Outsourcing

    Cloud Template provides EVERYTHING that is needed to select an outsourcer, enter into an agreement, and manage the relationship

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    IT Infrastructure
    IT Infrastructure Strategy & Charter

    Defining Your Optimal IT Infrastructure is a critical task that can no longer wait with all of the mandated changes and service requirements..

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    Salary Survey
    Current IT Salary Survey

    The industry standard for IT compensation answers question like - Are you paying too much or too little to your IT staff? Are you earning what you're worth?

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    Janco's tools are your solution to improved productivity

    Why re-invent the wheel when these tools provide you with the industry standard best practices in a way that can make your standout as a manager and leader who can get things done is quickly and cost effectively.