Covid-19 drives Omni commerce Strategy

Omni Commerce Strategic Planning Tool Kit Updated

Omni Commerce Strategy

How to Implement Omni Commerce -- Covid-19 and shift away from "brick and mortar" has changed the way people and business browse the Internet, shop, provide service and communicate with suppliers, customers and associates.

Strategy for Omni commerce includes a  focus on:

  1. Platform consistency.  Will the customer / user have the same experience on the web, in the brick and mortar facility and on their mobile devices?
  2. Flexible platform. Is it scalable? Is it designed to promote a rich, immerse experience?
  3. Keep emerging platforms in mind. Mobile and social platforms should be part of successful experience-driven omni commerce if executed strategically.
  4. Ensure IT and marketing agility. Look for platforms that include reporting, metrics, merchandising and marketing tools that enable enterprises to perform rapid and flexible customization of product pages, shopping cart and checkout options based on target visitor segmentation and evolving merchandising strategies

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