Post Pandemic - Over 100K new IT jobs in past 8 months

Over 100K IT jobs added in the past 8 months - 30,400 IT jobs created in the first quarter according to Janco

IT hiring ticks up as most of the jobs lost due to Covid and shut-downs have been recovered

Park City UT - According to an analysis by Janco, there has been growth in the IT job market each of the past eight (8) months.

IT Job Market Change - August 2023

YTD IT Job Market growth

IT Job market grew by 8,400 YTD in 2023 with economic slowing and major layoffs. Analysis shows that IT Job Market growth has paused and that AI hiring trend has not taken hold as of yet.

Growth of IT Job Market (updated)

The number of IT jobs not filled now is just over 100K. Janco's initial forecast for the number of new IT jobs to be added in 2023 is between 20K-30K. Overall that is a flattening of the long term growth rate pattern of IT job market.

IT Job Market Forecast

Data complied and forecast updated by Janco Associates with data as of September 2023

He added, "To support CIOs in managing this process, we have just released our Post Pandemic CIO Management Tool Kit. It contains everything that they need to have a set of functioning infrastructure policies, job descriptions, skill set definitions, compensation data, hiring tools, and post pandemic processes including WFH and cloud processing."

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