IT Productivity Center Launched with Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Kit

Order Sarbanes Oxley Compliance tools Park City, UT - The Information Technology Productivity Center (ITPC) web site is officially open with Janco's Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Kit. . The IT Productivity Center is the information portal for business executives who have Information Technology they need to manage. Victor Janulaitis, Janco's CEO said, “We have the best Information Technology available to executives and IT professionals on our site. It has tools for every thing from Sarbanes Oxley to Information Technology Service Management and Disaster Recovery Planning.”

Janco is recognized as one of the premier sources for IT productivity tools. Janco's tools have been used by a majority of the Fortune 500 as well as enterprises from all of the major growth markets from Asia to Europe. As true movers in the productivity arena, the ITPC distributes all of its products electronically. In that way the ITPC carries no inventory on its intellectual property and quickly modifies its tools as new advances and solutions come available. To facilitate this process ITPC offers electronic update services to keep it clients current.

Mr. Janulaitis said, “With the ever improving economy and the need for documentation of processes for the SEC and Sarbanes Oxley, ITPC is positioned to be the leader in the provisioning of productivity tools to meet these goals. A new generation of business leaders is looking at brick less and borderless operations that will need to have rules put in place to meet these requirements. That is the focus of ITPC. With ITPC's help, Information Technology functions are able to do more without having to expand internal staff infrastructure.”

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