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CIO Salary continue to go up as role expands - How much are you paying your IT employees? If you’re like the majority of CIOs nationwide, it’s not much more than you were paying at this last year. Because of a continued, cautious outlook due to the recent recession, compensation levels remain fairly static. And, unfortunately, this same trend applies to the amount of money that companies are willing to pay CIOs, according to the 2011 IT Salary Survey from Janco Associates. According to Janco, organizations are looking to keep costs down by increasing the number of part-time and contract employees they use.

They’re also asking IT professionals to pay a growing share of health-care benefits. However, on the positive side, managers are more willing now to play the “How can I pay you without paying you?” game. That means they’re more receptive to concepts such as flexible hours and customized work schedules. More than 980 executives took part in the survey, conducted in partnership with Here are highlights:

  • CIO mean compensation $184,681 in large enterprises
  • CIO mean compensation $163,106 in mid-sized enterprises
  • CIOs reluctant to leave secure positions - Low Demand
  • Mean compensation for all IT professionals $73,873
  • Mean compensation for all IT positions in large enterprises $82,273
  • Mean compensation for all IT positions inmid-sized enterprises $74,253
  • Outsorucing keeping salaries low

IT skills in the highest demand

  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Network Administration
  • Virtualization (cloud)
  • Business/Operations analysis

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