Janco responds to IBM's $3 Billion investment in Cloud

With IBM and several other big players moves to the Cloud Janco updates and releases it How to Guide for the Cloud and Outsourcing

Outsourcing TemplatePark City UT - Janco responds to IBM's $3 Billion investment in Cloud - https://www.e-janco.com - IBM invests $3 Billion in Cloud - Janco Associates' continuing efforts to lower costs, improve productivity, and minimize risks that CIOs and enterprise face due to the ever-changing landscape of technology's infrastructure, Janco has just released a major update to its "How to Guide for the Cloud Processing and Outsourcing. " This release is partially in response to recent moves by IBM, Google, and others to invest billions in cloud and outsourcing infrastructure and applications.

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Mr. M. V. Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. said, "Currently cloud processing and outsourcing are the main drivers in the growth of the technology market. This is the new shadow IT and expanding as non IT pros are the ones who are behind these efforts. At the same time more major corporations - like IBM -- focus their development efforts there trying to ease the implementation process. "

In background briefing the Janco's CEO said, "CIOs and operation executives have more issues they have to deal with than at any time in the past two decades. Most executives, in organizations of all sizes, are struggling to implement best practices and meet compliance requirements without insufficient experience to ensure they are on the right track. " He added, "Janco's "How to Guide for the Cloud Processing and Outsourcing" is a targeted solution to help these executives to shore up their knowledge, improve the infrastructure and processes for cloud processing and outsourcing while meeting mandated compliance requirements and the enterprise strategic operational needs. "

Included with this version of the "How to Guide for the Cloud and Outsourcing" are tools that can be applied immediately including: how to find and select cloud and outsourcing suppliers; outline for RFP process and contract negotiation; definition of best practices, metrics, sample contract, sample SLA, job descriptions for key players in the cloud processing and outsourcing space, and much more.

The guide is delivered electronically and comes as an easily modifiable MS WORD document. The guide is over 115 pages long and includes everything needed to define, contract, implement, and manage the cloud processing and outsourcing infrastructure.

More information on the template can be found on the Janco's web site at https://www.e-janco.com/cloud.htm and full table of contents can be found there as well.

Janco is an international consulting firm that follows and addresses issues that concerns CIOs and CFOs. It publishes a series of IT and business infrastructure HandiGuides® and Templates including a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Template, Security Template, IT Job Descriptions, and a semi-annual IT Salary Survey.

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