IT Job Market size is back to dot com levels - took 15 years to recover

The rate of growth of the IT job market was 32,500 in the last three months and 134,700 in the last 12 months. Total number of IT jobs now exceeds the highest levels in the dot com bubble

Park City UT -- - IT Job Market reaches dot com levels - The overall demand for IT Pros remains strong with 8,200 new jobs added in March and 32,500 jobs added since the beginning of the year. The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , Mr. M V Janulaitis said, "The number of computer science and IT professional jobs, after 15 years has finally exceeded the number of IT jobs that were available at the peak of the job market in 2000. " The CEO added, "The number of IT jobs added continues to be over 30,000 per quarter but the rate of growth is slowing a bit. ">

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In addition Janulaitis said, "The recovery is well under way for IT Pros and should continue for some time. Hiring is up across the board, as many CIOs have been given the green light to start hiring and many have open requisitions they cannot fill because of a lack of qualified candidates. " Janulaitis expanded his remarks with, "Based on interviews of 93 CIOs in the last several weeks, we find that hiring is on a definite upswing and CIOs are now starting to look for lower and mid-level project leads and managers. This is definitely a signal that job prospects will continue to be positive for IT Pros. " Janulaitis cautioned, "…the rate of growth has slowed slightly and should be monitored as the labor participation rate fell for a second month in a row to 62.7%. "

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The CEO added, "From a review of the latest BLS data, Janco has found that there was a net increase of approximately 32,500 IT jobs in the last three months and this trend continues to show a steady positive trajectory with growth in number of IT jobs of over 8,000 per month of the last two months. Our semi-annual salary survey shows there is upward pressure on many positions in IT organizations. " See for more.

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