IT Job Descriptions are ready for recruiting process

IT Job descriptions including Chief Digital Officer (CDO) - just updated its full inventory of IT Job Descriptions to meet all of the mandated compliance requirements

Park City – UT– IT Job Descriptions are ready for recruiting process - Janco ( has just updated its full inventory of IT Job Description. In Janco's continuing efforts to make IT recruiting efforts easier, they have released a full set of job descriptions, including CDO - Chief Digital Officer. Victor Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco said, “As CIOs continue to look an improving job market with high demand for IT Pros with expertise in mobile computing, BYOD, and social networking current job descriptions are a must. Not only do they help in the recruiting processes -- they also help in setting appropriate compensation levels. Each job description is at least 3 and up to 8 pages in length."

The CEO added, "CIOs in organizations of all sizes have infrastructure they need to manage, increasing cost pressures and uncertainty in the market, at the same time they are focused on growth agendas, whatever they may be. CIOs have to leverage technology in a more effective and efficient manner to allow that to happen. That is the driver behind the increased demand for IT Professionals." He added, “With the projected increase in hiring in the next several quarters, many CIOs are in need if these job descriptions. With these standardized job descriptions, the recruiting process should be much easier. “

In addition to the full set of 326 Job Descriptions, Janco has bundles position description bundles for ecommerce, Enterprise Architecture, ERP, IT Service Management, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity, Security, Metrics / Service Level Agreements, and a model mid-size IT organization.

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