Hiring of IT Pros has increased with 16,900 new jobs added in the first two months of 2021

IT Pros with security skills are in high demand as recovery takes hold

Park City UT e-janco.com According to an analysis by Janco, there has been growth in IT job market size each of the past six months.

IT Job DescriptionsThe CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “There is good news for IT Professionals.  Companies are starting to hire back IT Pros as the shutdowns begin to end and vaccines become readily available. First, between December and February, there were 42,400 new jobs added to the IT job market according to the latest data from the BLS. Second in our opinion, based on data collected by us, long-range IT job market growth will expand by over 10% in the post-Covid era.  Growth in the IT job market will be with security professionals, software developers, quality assurance, and testers. This will continue to be driven by eCommerce and WFH as they are embraced by more enterprises in normal operations and Internet-centric applications are developed and deployed.  The projected growth for that sector alone will be almost 18%.”  He added, “With the rise of no-coding rapid application development tools there will be less of a need for traditional coders who are labeled computer programmers. We see an actual decrease in the absolute numbers of those who just ‘code’.” 

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Change In IT Job Market Size - March 2024

Net Change in the number of IT Jobs

25,900 IT Jobs have been added in the last 12 months and 2,800 jobs added in the last 3 months.

The CEO added, “There was a net loss of jobs in the last 12 months of 41,300 jobs for IT professionals. That is a significant improvement from the 100K plus IT jobs that were lost at the peak of Covid. Hiring has started up again. Also, salaries will not remain flat as demand increases for IT Pros 2021 IT Salary Survey.”

Janco has just completed an analysis of salaries for security related IT professionals. The mean compensation for those roles is $130,402.  Well above the $94,609 mean compensation for IT professionals which was reported in Janco’s 2021 IT salary survey.

Salaries for IT security pros
Updated with the latest IT Salary Survey data

Mean IT salaries
Updated with the latest data

Janco has just released the 2021 versions to its Security Manual Template and IT Descriptions offerings.  The focus was in the area of WFH,  Rapid Application Development, staffing, security, and compliance.

 More information is available on those offers on Janco’s web site - https://e-janco.com.

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