Security Team Job Descriptions

Security and Compliance are driven by both internal and external forces

Security Team Job DescriptionsAs a greater portion of the operations are done via the Internet, more critical assets of the enterprise are available outside of the traditional brick and mortar of the business. At the same time there is extensive exposure to cyberattack and breaches to confidential, proprietary, and sensitive information.

Those factors alone require highly focused security processes. But that is not all there are mandated compliance issues that need to be included with the security of the data. For that reason, many larger enterprises, and some much smaller, have developed a Security Management Team.

Who are the players and what roles do they exert?  We have reviewed management structure of over 100 world class security management teams and have identified the key players in those organization.

The 25 positions that are on the typical Security Management Team of a large enterprise are:

  • Manager Network - Computing Services
  • Manager Network Services
  • Manager Security and Workstations
  • Manager Training - Documentation
  • Manager Voice and Data Communication
  • Manager Wireless Systems
  • Identity Management Protection Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Security Analyst
  • System Administrator - Linux
  • System Administrator - Unix
  • System Administrator - Windows
  • Wi-Fi Administrator

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In mid-size and smaller enterprises the CIO or CSO assume many of the functions or delegate them to others in their organizational structures.

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Information Security Job Family

Along with the security job descriptions, Janco has identified a number of standard IT Job Families that can be used for career planning and settin compensation levels. One of these is the Information Security Job Family.

Information Security Job Family Classification pay grades

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