Text Messaging Policy - Sensitive and Confidential Information

Fully compliant with all mandated requirements -- Including HIPAA
Include BEST PRACTICES for Text Messaging Marketing

Text Messaging Policy
Includes Electronic Form - User Acknowledgment

Text Messaging Policy - Sensitive and Confidential Information - With more people working outside of a formal office there are more occasions where sensitive and confidential information needs to be set between individuals. At the same time there is an ever increasing requirement to comply with mandated security requirements.

Currently the use of text messaging is exploding. It is both non obtrusive since the mobile device does not ring and private. There are applications that not only send text message but also automatically delete it after it is read or a period of time has elapsed.

As data is captured from systems that is sensitive or confidential, users can use screen captures and actual web based applications to send an enterprise's key information assets with a click of a button. Be it a disgruntled employee, or someone with prying eyes, these assets need to be protected.

Janco Associates, in concert with a dozen of its leading world class clients has created a standard template that any enterprise can use to create a policy to help to manage in this ever more risky environment.

Included are two (2) full job descriptions - Chief Mobility Officer and Compliance Security Auditor - and one electronic form - Text Messaging Sensitive Information Agreement.

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Work From Home Considerations are included

Text Messaging Sensitive Information Agreement electronic for is included with this policy.

The policy is a well written document that provides the "Rules of the Road" that every "World Class" enterprise follow. This must have policy gives any CIO and CSO the tools they need to implement an environment that is safe and secure. Secure text message requirement covered include:

  • Authentication methods
  • Password management
  • Administrator rights
  • Ransomware protection
  • Login monitoring and auditing
  • Automatic log-off
  • Access control
  • Account Management
  • Protection of data on the mobile device
  • Backup processes.
  • Secure photo and screen capture sharing
  • Notifications & read receipts
  • Remote wipe for lost or stolen devices
  • Pandemic and Post pandemic operations

The policy contains text that can be used immediately. For example::

General Policy Statement

The scope of this policy applies to ENTERPRISE in its entirety, including all employees, contractors, vendors, and affiliates. In addition this policy applies to the network, systems and applications that process, store, or transmit sensitive and confidential information.

  • Text messages are electronic communications sent with a mobile device or computer system. Text messages can transmit photos, videos and written word formats of communication. If the content of such a message contains sensitive and confidential information, then the text message must comply with this policy and all mandated requirements.
  • All text messages containing sensitive and confidential information must be sent in a secure, encrypted and approved format.

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