Computer Science Degrees drive future IT Job Market Growth

Demand for IT Pro high - Median Salaries for IT Pros now $95,628

IT Professionals with Bachelors's, Master's, and PhDs are and will continue to be in high demand. A recent analysis of long-term IT Job Market growth by both Janco Associates and the BLS shows that education matters in computer science.

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BLS and Janco both forcast close to 400K new IT jobs will be creacted by 2029 for computer support Specialsits, Software Developers, Software QA specialists, project managers, IT middle managers, senior/executive management.

Median salareies for those positions range from $52K to $162K according to BLS and Janco data.

computer science education matters

When job market forecasts are made it is very clear that the senior level developers, middle managers, and senior managers need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. As IT pros move up in the ranks in the IT infrastructure advanced degrees are highly desirable and required for the top level positions.

Technical training and certifications are becoming more critical for technology-based IT Pros. That is especially for individuals in the “Big Data” arena.

Big Data pay scale