Outsourcing Policy Template Updated

Outsourcing Policiy is must have - The outsourcing policy is twenty (20) pages in length and defines everything that is needed for a function, department, or area to be outsourced.

The policy comes as a Microsoft Word document (Word 2003 & Word) that can be modified as needed. The template has been updated to include an ISO 27001 audit program definition. The policy template includes:

  • Outsourcing Management Standard
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Responsibility
  • Outsourcing Policy
    • Policy Statement
    • Goal
  • Approval Standard
    • Base Case
    • Responsibilities
  • ISO 27001 Audit Program

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Record Management Policy Updated

Record Management PolicyRecord Classification, Management, Retention, and Destruction policy Template was updated in 2010 to reflect the latest mandated requirements. Added was a section on Best Practices.

The electronic document is a detail template which can be utilized on day one to create a records management process. Included with the policy are forms for establishing the record management retention and destruction schedule and a full job description with responsibilities for the Manager Records Administration.

The areas included with this policy template are:

  • Record retention requirements for SOX sections 103a, 302, 404, 409, 801a and 802.
  • Policy
  • Standard
    • Scope
    • Responsibilities
    • Policy
    • Compliance and Enforcement
    • Email Retention and Compliance
  • Job Description Manager Record Administrator
  • 12 forms for Record Retention and Disposition Schedule
  • Best Practices

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