FireFox ranks second in Window's browser war - Microsoft, Netscape and AOL lose ground

Park City, UT -Janco Associates and today announced results of its browser market share study for the first quarter of 2005. Corporate and business to business users of the internet are the focus of the study. Janco also announced the activation of its new web site The site provides productivity tools for IT and the Chief Information Officer in particular. Included are Janco's Brower Study, CIO Productivity Kit, Disaster Recovery Template, Security Template, IT Salary Survey, IT Job Descriptions, and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Resource Kit.

 Janco's first quarter 2005 browser market share study shows that Firefox now has more active users than Netscape or AOL. Mr. Janulaitis (CEO of Janco) said, “If you include Apple and Linux, then Mozilla has more market share than all other browsers combined except for Microsoft. This is a shift; users are beginning to see an alternative to Microsoft and are willing to try it. ”

Brower ranking and market share results from the browser market share study as of January 31, 2005 are:

  1. Microsoft's IE (84.85%)

  2. Firefox (4.48%)

  3. Netscape (3.03%)
  4. AOL (2.20%)
  5. MSN (0.58%)
  6. Opera (0.34%)

Survey findings and conclusions include:

  • Firefox is a major new browser player.

  • Netscape and AOL have a combined browser market share just over 5% and it is declining.
  • Virus attacks on browsers are moving many users to use the automatic update feature to get the latest versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and alternatives to IE.
  • Users are staying current with the latest versions of IE and Netscape
  • Internet Explorer's Market Share has declined in the last 12 months.
  • A significant number of users are now looking to solutions other than Microsoft - thus FireFox looks to gain even more market share.

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