ITIL Compliant ITSM - SOA Template Released

Update of the ITIL and ISO 20000 compliant IT Service Management Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Template

Janco Associates, Inc. announced the release of its updated IT Service Management Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Policy Template. IT Service Management (ITSM) is defined as part of a rapidly accepted standard of best practices known as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). The IT Service Management template joins the Janco's CIO and IT Productivity series of tools and templates which include their popular Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Resource Kit and Disaster Recovery Plan Template.

The update includes a new section on several service management compliance standards. This in addition the previous update to the template makes the ITSM policy template the best in the industry per PSR Reviews, a industry acknowledged newsletter.

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The template has updated policies and procedures for e-mail, internet access, and other forms of electronic communication. The ITSM - SOA template is 120 pages in length and is only available as an electronic document.

Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco said "IT infrastructure productivity is the core focus of our firm's practice. We have created a set of tools to improve the productivity and quality of service provided by the IT function. With the IT Service Management SOA Policy Template and our Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Resource Kit enterprises of all sizes can quickly implement best practices. " In addition he said. ". . . the IT Service Management SOA policy template is now included in the CIO Productivity Bundle. " The CIO Productivity Bundle, which is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, can be found at

The IT Service Management SOA Policy Template ( contains policies, standards, procedures and metrics for Change Control, Help Desk and Service Request processing. The ITSM Template also contains Janco's Business and IT Impact Questionnaire, a Change Control Request Form and an Internet Use Approval Form. The template comes as a word document which can be used as a template to create customized procedures for any size enterprise.

The Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Resource Kit ( which was released in January now has a Platinum Edition which contains the IT Service Management Template.

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