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2024 Edition of IT Management Tool Kit Released

IT Management Tool Kit

CIOs and CTOs are in a constantly evolving field, however world class CIOs and CTOs focus on three areas to help them manage more effectively. They are:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Infrastructure

Over 2,500 pages of "Best Practices", tips and techniques, policies, procedures, job descriptions, electronic forms and much more. Ready for immediate download.

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CIO - Planning and Productivity Kit - The best companies, and their CIOs, recognize the importance of ready access to the right information to drive the right choices between different variables. To help determine whether your Information Management function is moving toward a strategic approach, CIO should take some time to determine whether the solutions the implement do the following:

  • Accelerate enterprise operations through automation, work flow, and collaboration
  • Improve business analysis and decision support by providing historical and forward-looking views, including benchmarks
  • Deploy performance management tools that analyze the company and its information technology resources
  • Maximize enterprise revenues, products, services, and reputation
  • Implement solutions that meet comprehensive management and compliance requirements

In addition, a truly integrated systemic foundation should CIOs achieve the following:

  • Develop a closed-loop management process of strategy formulation, communication of goals, and measurement
  • Monitor the performance of strategic key success factors using external and internal benchmarks
  • Use tools that support a strategic planning process that integrates global strategic planning and specific operational planning problems in which IT is truly aligned with the business

In a similar way, you can also determine whether you are on the right track if your IT solutions provide the following:

  • A single source for financial and operational information
  • A timely access to accurate data, improving communication between IT, finance, and operations
  • Increased alignment between front and back office applications, enabling management to better administer and track business strategy and decisions
  • Reduced cost of compliance with industry regulations
  • Improved security and controls and reduced risk of contractual and regulatory noncompliance
  • Improved predictability, particularly with budget

The CIO productivity kit Standard edition contains

  • 38 job descriptions in MS WORD .docx format
  • Current IT Salary Survey for US and Canada (by city) PDF
  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template in MS WORD .docx format
  • Disaster Recovery Template which is Sarbanes Oxley compliant in MS WORD .docx format
  • Security Template which is Sarbanes Oxley and ISO 27000 compliant in MS WORD .docx format
  • IT Service Management Template (Change Management, Help Desk, and Service Requests) in MS WORD .docx format
  • Sensitive Information Policy (Protect  Credit Card Card and Personal Information) in MS WORD .docx format

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The CIO productivity kit Metric edition contains

  • Everything in the standard edition
  • Practical Guide for Cloud Outsourcing in MS WORD .docx format
  • Metrics for Internet and IT (metric kit) in MS WORD .docx format
  • Service Level Policy Agreement Policy Template (metric kit) in MS WORD .docx format

Disaster Recovery Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Standard Edition

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.

  • Fully editable Disaster Recovery Business Continuit template
  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Audit Program - Compliant with ISO 27031, ISO 22301, and ISO 28000
  • Key job descripitions included
    • Chief Compliance Officer
    • Chief Experience Officer
    • Chief Mobility Officer
    • Manager Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    • Manager Disaster Recovery Manager
    • and more
  • Incident Communication Plan and Policy with BEST PRACTICES for
    • News Conferences
    • Media Relations
  • Social Network Checklist
  • Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. Electronic Forms that can be e-mailed, completed via a computer or tablet, and stored electronically including:
    • LAN Inventory, Location Contact Numbers, Off-Site Inventory, Pandemic Planning Checklist; Personnel Locations, Plan Distribution, Remote Location Contact Information, Server Registration, Team Call List, Vendor Contact Information, and Vendor/Partner Questionnaire
    • Added Bonus - Safety Program Electronic Forms -- Area Safety Inspection, Employee Job Hazard Analysis, First Report of Injury, Inspection Checklist - Alternative Locations, Inspection Checklist - Office Locations, New Employee Safety Checklist, Safety Program Contact List, and Training Record

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Security Manual Template - Standard Edition

  • Security PolicyBusiness and IT Impact Questionnaire
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Toolkit
  • Security Management Checklist
  • Full Detail Policies for
    • Blog and Personal Website Policy
    • Internet, Email, Social Networking, Mobile Device, and Electronic Communication Policy
    • Mobile Device Policy
    • Physical and Virtual File Server Policy
    • Sensitive Information Policy
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy
  • Job Descriptions for the Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Security Officer, Data Protection Officer, Manager Security and Workstations, Manager WFH Support, Security Architect, and Systems Administrator.
  • Work From Home (WFH) operational rules
  • HIPAA Audit Program
  • GDPR Compliance Checklist to meet EU Requirements
  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act requirements definition
  • Consumer Bill of Rights
  • Sarbanes Oxley Section 404 Checklist
  • HIPAA Audit Proram
  • Security Audit Program- fully editable -- Comes in MS EXCEL and PDF formats -- Meets GDPR, ISO 28000, 27001, 27002, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, HIPAA FIPS 199, and NIS SP 800-53 requirements -- Over 400 unique tasks divided into 11 areas of audit focus which are the divided into 38 separate task groupings
  • Electronic forms that can be Emailed, completed via a computer or tablet, and stored electronically including: Blog Policy Compliance, BYOD Access and Use, Company Asset Employee Control Log, Email - Employee Acknowledgment, Employee Termination Checklist, FIPS 199 Assessment Electronic Form, Internet Access Request, Internet Use Approval, Internet & Electronic Communication - Employee Acknowledgment, Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement, Employee Security Acknowledgment Release, Preliminary Security Audit Checklist, Risk Assessment, Security Access Application, Security Audit Report, Security Violation Reporting, Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement, Server Registration, and Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • eReader version of the Security Manual Template
  • BONUS - ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Audit Program in MS EXCEL and PDF formats.

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Metrics Internet IT

KPI Metrics for the Internet and IT


The KPI Metrics for the Internet and Information Technology HandiGuide™ is over 324 pages, defines 540 objective metrics, and contains 83 metric reports that show over 240 objective metrics.

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IT Job Descriptions

HandiGuide & IT Job Descriptions - PDF format

The Internet and IT Job Descriptions comes in PDF format The PDF book is over 970 plus pages in length and contains 326 Job Descriptions in addition to a Job Progression Matrix Template, Employee Termination Checklist (Electronic Form), Job Evaluation Questionnaire, and Position Description Questionnaire.

Includes positions from CIO, CSO and CTO to Wireless and Metrics Mangers. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect the technology world of . pdf file can be printed and viewed only.

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Salary Survey IT Salary Survey

The Janco Associates, Inc. survey draws on data collected throughout the year by extensive Internet-based and completed survey forms sent to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Our database contains over 85,000 data points. (click here for more information)

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CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit - Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of the CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit contains the following:

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template WORD
  • IT Salary Survey PDF
  • Business Impact Application Inventory Questionnaire Word
  • SLA Policy Template - With Metrics Word/PDF
  • Practical Guide Cloud Outsourcing PDF

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ITSM TemplateIT Service Management Template

The IT Service Management Policy Template is a 78 page document that contains policies, standards,  procedures and metrics. Chapters of the template include: Service Requests Policy, Service Request Standard, Help Desk Policy, Help Desk Standards, Help Desk Procedures, Help Desk Service Level Agreement, Change Control Standard, Change Control Quality Assurance Standard, Change Control Management Workbook, Documentation Standard, Application Version Control Standard, Version Control Standard, Internet, e-mail and Electronic Communication Policy, and Travel and Off-Site Meeting.

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Sensitive Information PolicySensitive Information Policy Template

The policy defines how to treat Credit Card, Social Security, Employee, and Customer Data. The policy is 15 pages in length. This policy complies with Sarbanes Oxley Section 404.

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Cloud ManagementCloud Management Template


The need to lower cost, increase efficiency and conserve cash has increased the motivation of companies to turn to Cloud Computing and increased the appeal of alternative delivery models. The disruptive shifts in new demand and supply patterns drives changes for how IT services are bought and from whom. Cloud computing requirements need to be well defined.

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