IT Professionals hiring is on the uptick according to Mid-Year IT Salary Survey Released by Janco

IT Professionals hiring is on the uptick according to Mid-Year IT Salary Survey Released by Janco - The 2011 Mid-Year Salary Survey, just released, is mixed news for IT Professionals. The survey shows that hiring is picking up in some sectors of the IT job market, salaries have stopped falling and for some selected positions there has been an increase in compensation. The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis stated, “Our main conclusion from analysis of the data and interviews of CIOs is that for Information Technology, the recession may have bottomed out for and that hiring of IT professionals could increase in the later half 2011. ”Mr. Janulaitis also said, “However there still are a number of companies who are much more cautious and concerned that the recovery will not be strong enough to support increased IT spending. ” He added, “Cost containment is still the rule of the day; however we have seen an increase in the number of part-timers and contractors who are focused on particular critical projects. ”

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Summary Janco 12 month comparisons show that mean compensation (which includes bonuses) for all IT executive positions in large enterprises surveyed is $140,686 (a decrease from $141,358 in June of 2010) and in mid-sized enterprises $122,721 (a slight increase from $122,031 in June of 2010). Overall compensation for all IT Professionals has increased from $77,078 to $77,773; however the study shows that there was a 5% decrease in the number of employees receiving personal performance bonuses while there was 5% increase in those receiving enterprise based performance bonuses. Mr. Janulaitis said, “Bonuses are showing that companies are look for enterprise revenue improvements and want to motivate employees to focus on improving the company’s bottom line over and above everything else. ” Janulaitis added, “On the bright side according to the latest labor data, over 55,500  more IT professionals are working now than in January of this year. ”

Janco has captured IT compensation data since 1996 and publishes its IT Salary Survey semi-annually. The IT Salary Survey is based on Janco’s IT professionals’ compensation database. Compensation benchmark hiring and salary ranges are established for each position surveyed. In analyzing the study data, the upper and lower quartiles are eliminated to determine the benchmark ranges. The benchmark ranges are then used to assess the alignment of a company's actual compensation to the marketplace for each job function.

A summary of the most recent salary survey can be downloaded by visiting Janco IT Salary Survey at

Hiring Trends January 2011 to June 2011

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