IT Job Market growth slows to 5,400 new jobs added in February - Down from 14,400 in January

The rate of growth of the IT job market slowed to 30,100 in the last three months versus 62,600 in the prior 3 months

Park City UT - IT Job Market growth slows to 5,400 new jobs added in February - Down from 14,400 in January - The overall IT job market is still strong but slowing with 5,400 new jobs added in February and 30,100 jobs added since November. The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , Mr. M V Janulaitis said, "Computer science and IT professionals is a strong job market as almost all of the gain (5,200 jobs added) in the IT job market was there. In the last 12 months 129,800 jobs were added which is a good sign, especially compared with last year this time when only 75,500 jobs were added through the same period. CIOs are actively looking to hire and contract for additional staff. "

IT new jobs trend

IT JobFamilies The CEO added, "The recovery is well under way for IT Pros and should continue for some time. " Mr. Janulaitis said, "Hiring is up across the board, as many CIOs have been given the green light to start hiring and many have open requisitions they cannot fill because of a lack of qualified candidates. " Janulaitis expanded his remarks with, "Based on interviews of 89 CIOs in the last several weeks, we find that hiring is on a definite upswing and there is a real shortage of IT pros with experience in cloud based applications and mobile computing. In addition, our 2015 IT salary survey which was released in January, shows that salaries have increased an average of 2.4% for all IT professionals. We are finding that there is an upward pressure on compensation for the first time since 2002. "

Changes in the number of net IT Jobs created or lost

In the last three (3) month the IT Job market shrank by 9,400 jobs. This chart is not the originally published one, rather it is updated with the current data based on the analysis by Janco Associates, Inc. For the latest IT Employment Data click here.

5,400 IT Jobs added in February

From a review of the latest BLS data, Janco has found that there was a net increase of approximately 30,100 IT jobs in the last three months and this trend continues to show a steady positive trajectory.

IT Job Market

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