10 Steps to getting a raise and career advancement

IT Salary SurveyAs the IT job market tightens it will be much easier to get a raise

10 Steps to getting a raise - 10 step program to see that you are paid the most possible is easy to implement.

  •  Make users love you  - Many IR pros consider it a  good day if they don’t have to interact with anyone. But if you’re willing to  help end-users with the software (addressing problems but also training them  how to use it), you become the go-to person and your name that floats into conversations most often. Being the company expert on an application does make  you more important.

    If your users thing you are great they will communicate that to you management. They also will be a good source of professional references for when you look for that next job -- be internal or external to you enterprise
  • Understand where the CIO and company are moving - If a company is moving into unknown territory (like the Cloud and BYOD), management will want to learn everything they can. If you are  the person who can answer all the questions, you will become prominent on the radar screens, and thereby raising your professional profile.
  • Learn how to implement and apply the latest technology - Know what is new and what is hot. If you are the first one there with a technology or solution you will show your value. At the same time, you want to be able to apply the technology to a business issue
  • Get certification or first hand experience  - With experience, education or certification you typically gain addition insights in the use of the technology.
  • Market your skills - Create a blog (within company guidelines). Blogs not only showcase your knowledge, but search engines like the frequent stream of fresh content. Give speeches. You can do this in tech organizations that you belong to. Send speech topics to event organizers and maybe they’ll take you up on one.

  • Have and use the latest technology and tools - Do not depend on  your employer for everything. When the new technology comes out get it and use it.
  • Provide peers with insight and training on your area of expertise - Share with others your insight and knowledge. When your manager sees you doing that it only increases your value in their eyes.
  • Fit into the organization as a team player- Do not be a loner  join in with other IT staff members and go out after work and have a relationship that goes beyond the office
  • Be a focal point in the latest technologies - Create an on-line presence. Soup up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media presence with affiliations with industry groups and other IT and business pros. Create your own blog (within company guidelines) in which you write about technical issues that you are an expert in. Contribute to on-line tech publications and blogs.
  • Network with IT Pros in other organizations that have the same technical responsibilities - This is also a great way to learn what is hot and what is not. In addition this can lead to learning what others in your field are getting paid

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