Updated Compliant IT Job Descriptions Released

Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ is Released. This edition of this electronic document contains job descriptions and sample organization charts

IT Job DescriptionsUpdated Compliant IT Job Descriptions Released - Janco Associates has just completed its annual update of its Internet and Information Technology Position Description HandiGuide™. This is part of Janco's continuing effort to create a set of standard 'Best Practices' processes and documentation that CIOs can use to better manage the technology function in their enterprises.

The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, "We published the first version of this HandiGuide™ in 1989 with only 98 job descriptions. As technology has advanced we have added over 180 job titles and continually updated them to meet the ever changing technology landscape. Most recently we add position descriptions for the Chief Mobility Officer to deal with the advance of mobile computing; Manager Vendor Management as more services are contracted for on the outside; and KPI Analyst to address the needs of showing the value of technology in business terms. "

The current edition includes 324 full JOB DESCRIPTIONS. They have all been updated to meet the latest mandated requirements, BYOD support and a full set of Enterprise Resource Planning positions. New in the 2016 edition are the following:

  • Updated job descriptions to meet compliance requirements
  • Updated Employee Termination Form to include BYOD and Personal Computer data removal
  • Added 3 job descriptions; Manager IoT, Manager Green Initiatives, and Android Programmer

This HandiGuide is distributed in electronic format - both PDF and editable MS WORD. Included are tools to help expand, evaluate and define an enterprise's unique IT Human Resource requirements. Those tools include:
  • Security - Employee Termination Checklist (Electronic Form)
  • Performance Evaluation - Job Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Unique Position Definition - Position Description Questionnaire
  • Promotion Assistance - Job Progression Matrix (Job Family Classifications)
  • Meeting Mandated Requirements - Sexual Harassment and other key employment issues
  • Recruit Assistance and Meeting Mandated Requirements - Best Practices for resume screening
  • HR Skills for IT Professionals - Best Practices for phone screening

The 326 positions include all of the functions within the IT group. The Job Descriptions have been updated to be compliant with PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CobiT, and the ITIL standards. The job descriptions are all structured to focus on "Best Practices" as defined by the IT Productivity Center to meet the requirements of World Class Enterprises.
More information on this offering, including a full copy of the table of contents can be obtained by following the links

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All of Janco's products are delivered electronically in formats that are easily customizable by the user. . Janulaitis said, "We have clients in over 100 countries that rely on the leading edge work that we produce. We will continue to be on the forefront of infrastructure management as that is the strength of our company and its offerings. "

Janco is an international consulting firm that follows issues that concerns CIOs and CFOs and publishes a series of IT and business infrastructure HandiGuides® and Templates including a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Template, Security Template and IT Salary Survey.