Manager Work From Home (WFH) Support job description released by Janco

During the Covid shutdown a hot new job was created – Manager WFH Support - Compensation ranges from $100K to $125K

Park City – – Janco Associates has just released a job description for a hot new job title that has been created during the shutdowns generated by the Covid Pandemic. This position addresses new areas of C-level management’s concern on remote management of the WFH workforce.

work from Home WFHThe CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “We have seen a rise in demand by C-level management for employees to work from home. At the same time, this is tempered by the increase in risks for the protection of enterprise’s digital assets, communications during virtual meetings, added compliance requirements, and measuring the productivity of employees.”  He added, “As the use of personal mobile devices, social networking, and compliance requirements expand, organizations are faced with a dilemma. How can they balance privacy compliance mandates with business continuity, security, and operational needs in an ever more complex operating environment?  All of this, while supporting increased business demands for more technology by an increasingly technology literate user base. Our policies, electronic forms, and job descriptions address those requirements.”

The CEO added, “It is not too complex an issue to see that every employee in a business has the right mix of devices, Internet access/bandwidth, applications, and data to facilitate the WFH virtual environment. It is quite another to manage WFHers with to understand that WFH is not like working from a real office surrounded by peers.” In addition, Janulaitis said, “Clear expectations for performance and availability while maintaining a spirit of teamwork becomes a much greater management issue. With that in mind and working in concert with several major corporations, we have created a job description for what is currently a hot new job with compensation in the $100K to $125k range.”

The Manager WFH Support oversees work from home activities, including the integration of connectivity and applications. This is both to meet internal and external operational requirements, information management, site maintenance, database management, mandated compliance requirements, security management, and coordination of the retrieval of pertinent information from the site to WFHers in the operation of their enterprise roles.

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This individual champions the conceptualization and implementation of all WFH activities within the enterprise. Also, the individual provides front line support for all WFH activities.

This job description is available now for immediate purchase and download. It will be included in the latest edition of Janco Internet and IT Job Descriptions HandiGuide® and the Mobility Policy Bundle. Both of those offerings will be released by the middle of January.

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