Interview and Hiring Guide 2021 Edition Released

Work From Home interview questions added to IT Hiring Kit

Interview and Hiring GuidePark City UT Janco has just updated its Interview and Hiring Guide which is a major component of the IT Hiring Kit. The update focuses on hiring candidates who could be potential Work From Home (WFH) employees or contract workers.

 The CEO of Janco, Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, "Hiring for IT professionals is on the upswing. Also, a greater percentage of the traditional in office workforce operate now as WFH employees. This has added a new dimension to the hiring process recruiters are facing. Not only do employees have to meet traditional job requirements, they also have to be able to operate in remote mode with limited supervision and technical support. To aid recruiters, we have updated our Interview and Hiring guide with 12 questions that recruiters need to ask before these potential WFH employees are hired."

Processes and questions are provided to aid recruiters in get to the bottom of the skills and experiences of candidates. Included are questions on experiences, education and training, decision making, creativity, management, leadership, and viability as WFH employees. Also included are questions and areas to be avoided, best practices for screening resumes, phone screening, interviews and hiring.

Background Verification

Additional tools in the guide are electronic forms for the an Interview Questionnaire and Background Check Authorization, plus full job descriptions for Manager HR, HR Specialist, and HR Generalist.

The Interview and Hiring Guide can be acquired separately or as part it the IT Hiring Kit. More information is available on Janco'[s web site (

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