IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy released by Janco

IT Governance impacted by Internet and move away from physical sites to e-Commerce

IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy 2021 Edition addresses move towards virtual business operations

Park City – UT– –   IT Governance model has shifted away from traditional business operational models. Janco has just updated the IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy to address the move towards virtual business operating environments.

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “No longer is the classical IT Governance approach effective. Legacy IT Governance Infrastructure needs to be updated to address new business operation IT risks and ensure that the activities associated with information and technology are aligned with the overall business strategy. To that end we have revamped our IT Governance Template to address remote help desks and service centers.”

The CEO added, “Our solution not only provides a framework the can easily be implemented in most organizations. It also includes full job descriptions for Chief Technology Officer (CTO); Chief Information Officer (CIO); Chief Compliance Officer (CCO); Chief Experience Officer (CXO); Chief Security Officer (CSO); Chief Data Officer; Chief Digital Officer; Chief Mobility Officer (CMO); and Digital Brand Manager . Also the Work From Home (WFH) component of IT Governance is addressed,”

The specific areas of the IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy included are IT management structure; compliance requirements; IT job families; personnel practices; ERP and e-Commerce; Controls; social network engagement; application development standards; service requests (organization and processes); LANs and WiFi; DRP/BCP; security; access controls; facility requirements; audit; and KPI metrics.


ITSM KPI Metrics

Mr. Janulaitis said, “We have update our IT Governance Infrastructure to support the creation of SLAs with KPI Metrics that are meaningful in the post pandemic environment.” 

The full desription of the latest edition of the IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy can be found on Janco’s website

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