Gender Gap in Roles and Compensation for IT Pros?

Over time women have assumed more of a management role in IT departments - however they still lag men in both responsibility and compensation

Gender Gap in Roles and Compensation for IT Pros? In the process of collecting data for Janco;'s mid-year salary survey we have found that the gender gap within IT organizations is narrowing but still there. Of the IT professionals paid over $125,000 are more likely to be men the women. At the same time, women are a greater percentage of those paid under $50,000.

Gender Gap in IT

When we look at the roles that women play within IT, 41% of the women who are in IT now are project managers, middle managers and CIOs. Women feel they are paid less for the same job (47%) versus men (22%) who feel women are paid less.

Of the IT professionals who are paid more than $125,000 women seem to be closing the gap. In our survey we are finding that 22% of the women in IT make more than $125,000 versus 35% of the men.

Mean IT salaries
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Our on the subjective side our other preliminary findings are:

  • 17% of women say there is no glass ceiling in IT, compared to 34% of men who say no ceiling exists.
  • 75% of women say female IT workers face different career challenges than their male counterparts, compared to just 55% of men who feel the same way.
  • 16% of females say being a woman presents an advantage in the IT industry, compared to 28% of men who say it's an advantage.
  • 15% of women in IT say they're equally compensated for their work compared to men, as opposed to 38% of males who say women are equally compensated.
  • 84% of females in tech say the industry needs more women, compared to 67% of men who agree.
  • 42% of women in tech say a role model/mentor is necessary for a successful career, up from 39% last year.
  • 73% of females in IT say they've never had a mentor to support their career, up from 67% in 2010.
  • 2% of women are satisfied with the progress of their tech career, up from 59% last year.
  • 87% of female survey respondents would recommend a career in IT to a family member, compared to 81% of male survey participants.
  • Career Satisfaction drivers for Women in IT:
    • Being challenged (33%)
    • Flexibility (21%)
    • Compensation (20%)

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