Terminating Employees - Risk

Today it is riskier to terminate employees - protected classes and EEOC education drive employees to sue

IT Job DescriptionsAll companies need to be aware of wrongful termination cases and have an understanding of the EEOC regulations and guidelines. This should minimize allegations of discrimination or wrongful termination. Companies need to create a policy that will assist managers in terminating employees, reduce your risk of and mitigate wrongful termination allegations. Also managing documentation of performance issues in preparation for termination.

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Included in the Handiguide are rules and an electronic termination checklist.

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Why this is an issue today

  • Employees more aware and knowledgeable of the workplace rights
  • Employees taking chances in making "a killing" by charging discrimination
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) establishing increased awareness on how employees can make these charges
  • New whistleblower protections for employees who turn in Employers
  • More resources on websites by Department of Labor (DOL) providing employees with ways to confirm if Employers are violating current regulations

Managers challenges as they terminate employees

  • How to terminate employees with dignity respect and within regulations
  • How to mitigate wrongful termination allegations before they happen
  • Follow a formal termination checklist that will reduce the risk when making a decision to terminate
  • Understand EEOC regulations and guidelines to prevent allegations of discrimination or wrongful termination
  • Have a policy that will assist managers/supervisors in terminating employees without fear of retribution from the regulatory agencies and employees
  • Train managers and supervisors how to reduce your risk since companies can be held liable for Managers/Supervisors with bad management and poor judgment in handling employees
  • How to document performance issues in preparation for termination
  • Have a termination process that will ensure consistency, fairness, objectivity and reduce risks

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