Driving forces for IT Job Growth Defined

Over the next decade IT Job Growth will be driven by 5 key factors

  • Demographic Changes The aging of the populations with Baby Boomers being replaced by Millennials, the reduction in birth rates in most industrialized countries, and expansion of the “refugee” populations will push applications in new directions. There will be high demand for “legacy” skills until applications are migrated to new internet-based applications and blockchain solutions and social engineers who can see ways to utilize AI to improve productivity and “machine learning”
    Age Distribution IT Professionals
  • Tech Expansion - New technologies will grow at an ever-expanding rate. Everything from comsumeration of 3D printing, expansion of social media into every facet of the e-commerce market, and common place blockchain deployments. This will drive demand for software and application developers, digital transformation specialists, and technology base public relations experts.

  • Data Capture and Surveillance Expansion With more IoT devices that can monitor and record everything, the drive to process and access data of all types will push the limits of how and why data is processed, analyzed and used. This will drive demand for security and privacy professionals, data analysts, SEO specialists and reputation mangers.

  • Nationalization Expansion With the country first direction driven by BREXIT and America First, there will be more emphasis on national solutions to technology issues. Funding will be less available for activities the go cross border. Rather emphasis will be integration versus standardization. Demand will be for big data specialists, application integrators, blockchain and e-commerce coordinators.

  • Stewardship Impact Expansion As the scope and breath of tech expansion occurs, there will be a rise in the impact analysis of that technology on the infrastructure. Everything from climate change to privacy intrusions will have an impact on deployment and design of applications, data capture, security, and norms of social acceptance. This demand will extend beyond IT professionals into the broader spectrum of all enterprises and public policies and cultural direction.

IT Infrastructure will be key.

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