Focus on Top 10 CIO Staffing Issues

With high demand for IT Pros, CIO and IT managers need to address a number of issues

Recruiting IT Pros is a top priority for many organizations. In this process CIOs and HR managers are challenged. Janco Associates in its interviews with CIO and corporate executives has identified the top 10 staff retention and recruiting issues CIO and HR departments need to be aware of in a booming economy.

The top 10 issues are:

Staffing issues

Updated with the latest survey results

  1. Hiring IT Pros who have the new needed technical skills - This typically is accomplished with new hires as well as specialized training for existing staff
  2. Retaining existing staff - IT pros are more favorably inclined to find better opportunities.
  3. Improving skills of the existing staff - Training is a two edge sword. First is the need to expand the skill sets of the existing IT staff. Then to see you retain them after they acquire the skills.
  4. Improving employee morale - Many organizations are being pushed to their limits with the increased demand for new and better applications and employee morale is not what it should be
  5. Increase salaries to competitive market rates- Salaries for all employees have been constrained in the last few years. This needs to be corrected in manner that does not disrupt the organization in a negative manner.
  6. Providing competitive benefits - General benefits and perks for all employees have been constrained in the last few years and employees have borne more of the cost (i.e. health insurance deductible and employee share of costs have gone up).
  7. Utilizing social networking in the recruiting process - There is a new world out there and social media is now one of the components in the recruiting process.
  8. Maintaining and improving existing productivity and service levels - With the impending changes the IT organization needs to keep it "eye on the ball". Change can cause a loss of focus
  9. Managing organization culture - With the (hopefully) recovery IT organizations will have a new focus and direction. This in turn will result in organizational changes and impact the existing culture and environment.
  10. Providing viable career path - Employee mobility is a strong motivator and having good career paths is necessary to achieve this.

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