Chief Experience Officer Focus High-Touch Strategies

In the e-commerce Environment, Many Organizations Are At Risk

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Chief Experience Officer Job DescriptionMany enterprises are missing the big picture.  The more new technology systems (i.e. AI) that are used, the more of a "high touch" balance is needed to avoid the danger of eliminating the important element of "human reasonableness." AI is a high-risk technology.  A healthy, new technology "high touch" balance equals a competitive advantage and a positive ROI.  Maintaining a "low-touch" atmosphere ultimately results in lost revenue and ultimate failure.

The pandemic created a situation where personal interactions were discouraged.  The best example was the move by fast food providers to eliminate the sit-down options for customers and encourage drive-throughs.  McDonald’s went to the extreme and made it a requirement post-pandemic to require its customers to enter their orders.  At the same time, their menu options were expanded.  A way too complex and time-consuming solution.  This has driven customers away.  That process, unless modified significantly, will slow the revenue growth of the company.

Although the increased use of technology is one way to lower costs, maximize productivity, improve service, and increase revenue and profit, technology often does not drive customers' service levels.

The more our society interacts electronically, the greater the likelihood for people to experience personal alienation, which could ultimately lead to an environment where computers make all the decisions and customers start to look for alternatives.

Role of the Chief Experience (CXO)

The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the executive responsible for the overall experience of customers, suppliers, partners, associates, and internal staff with an organization’s products and services. The individual drives the enterprise’s growth in the user experience arena.  They oversee operations in all user experience sectors like marketing, image setting, mobile applications, social media, related technologies, virtual goods, as well as web-based management and marketing.

The CXO is not only a user experience expert but also a seasoned marketing, brand, and product manager. As the role is transformational, the CXOs is responsible for the adoption of consistent user interfaces across the entire business. As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure.

To create the balance needed, three elements to be in sync: technology, the user, and management. That is the area where the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) provides value by managing a vision, an environment that promotes that vision, and providing excellent user/customer service. "High-touch" modification of the new technology processes should encourage the individual to interact effectively and improve productivity.

Chief Experience Officer Role

Customer Service Vision And Its Environment

To be successful, every enterprise must identify quality service as a vital part of its vision. That vision can include a professional attitude, interest in customers' situations, a commitment to answer questions or resolve problems quickly, pride in the delivery of products or services, and a culture that appreciates the customer's business.

Since "high-tech" environments typically lower the number of customer interactions, maximizing the quality of the remaining personal encounters is critical. Long wait times to get to a “person” are not acceptable. This is the balance that can often overcome impersonal and electronic interactions.

From AI chats to voice mail to email, if customers wade through too many menu options, are transferred repeatedly, and are not treated with respect, dignity, and appreciation, they will perceive the impersonal mode quickly and make their decision about the company accordingly.

The Human Equation

An important aspect of this "high-tech"/ "high-touch" philosophy, the human equation, encompasses every operational and interaction function. When businesses fault on the side of "high-tech," the focus is often on eliminating the human interface, when in fact, it may be the time to increase it. The danger is in looking for a "high-tech" solution to systems without understanding the ramifications.

For example, a clerk processing incoming orders sees an order on her computer screen for one million, one hundred thousand units and doesn't give it a second thought. If her computer says that's the right number, then that's what it must be. If, instead, the clerk had used her own, inherent "reasonable check," she would have realized that this customer generally orders eleven hundred units at a time. Someone keyed in a couple of extra zeros by mistake.

A potential disaster could have been avoided before the order was processed, shipped, and warehoused. This kind of mistake can promote chaos when the manufacturer thinks they don't need to produce additional products, which reduces the order for another supplier, which, in turn, reduces the order for yet another supplier and down the daisy chain.

Finding The Balance

Search engines have worked so well that they have seduced users into letting the search engine make all the decisions, thinking it can sort, select, and do everything - totally avoiding any human interface, which will ultimately reduce their viability.  Companies like Google have understood that and replaced search results with ads to generate revenue. The current anti-trust lawsuit against Google is revealing the dangers of that type of solution. is an example of a company that used the Internet and an e-commerce model that figure out how people can use their computer or mobile device to purchase whatever they want or need. To Amazon’s credit, they have given their customer the ability to get a shopping experience that provides a wide selection of options, good prices, quick delivery, and a very easy and flexible return policy.  That in turn has resulted in a move away from “brick and mortar” to an omni commerce model.

Users and customers need to be able to have 100 percent uptime and support. CXOs that work on solutions that provide an experience where the user is productive, the technology identifies issues, fixes the problem, or allows the user to talk to a solution provider will be successful. CXOs who know that technology cannot take care of people with empathy will take the day.

Checking The Balance

On an ongoing basis, CXOs must evaluate the perception of their enterprise and strive to balance "high-tech" and "high touch." They are both essential to the efficiency of the marketplace. "Those functions that are best done by technology should be done by technology.

The Bottom Line

Employees in a "high-tech" only atmosphere also have less and less loyalty to their organizations, and, employers don't feel the need for long-standing employment relationships because the "computer will do it." Operating under these conditions, the inherent set of information that defines the culture behind any organization gets lost in the shuffle. Computers cannot replace or replicate human creativity, empathy, or drive.

Safeguards must be within the systems, which include checks and balances within the business.  There needs to be a check-and-balance between the computer system, the operators using the system, and the management of the organization. The CXO is that check-and-balance.

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