Enterprise Licenses for Janco's Products and Services

Enterprise Licenses for Janco's Products and Services. You can order an enterprise wide license for Janco's templates, white papers, policies, and procedures. The license allows you to to place the product on your enterprise's INTRANET (not INTERNET) and they can be shared by groups/ divisions/data centers within a single Country / DUNS number.

For example, in a country where you have muliple site you only need a single license as long as it operates under the same corporate umbrella.

Order Enterprise License

An enterprise license provides the company with extensive discounts on the product licensed in that manner as well as significant discounts on all of Janco's other products.

If a particular offering does not have the enterprise license that is required, please contact us directly for a quote.

The products that you can purchase enterprise licenses for include:

  • Disaster Recovery Template
  • Security Manual Template
  • IT Salary Survey
  • Functional Specification Template
  • Safety Program Template
  • IT Infrastructure, Strategy & Charter Template
  • IT Service Management Template
  • Practical Guide IT Outsourcing
  • Client Server Management HandiGuide
  • Internet & IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide
  • Metrics for the Internet & IT HandiGuide
  • Internet & PC Workstation Polices & Procedures
  • Business & IT Impact Questionnaire
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Order Enterprise License

Disaster Recovery Security Cloud DRP Security Incident Communication Policy Security Audit Program

NOTE: The enterprise license does not give the right to re-sell or re-distribute the product. It only provides a right to use and a right to modify the offering for the private use of the licensee. Any other use of the offering is prohibited and can be grounds for termination of the right to use the offering with no refund for it. Any question on this policy should be directed to the firm.

In the case of a sale of a portion of a company resulting in a new entity the enterprise license remains with the entity that acquired the license. The license does not "split". A new license needs to be acquired for each entity the will be using the copyrighted or modified copyrighted materials. In the case of an acquisition the acquiring entity needs to purchase a new enterprise license if it plans on using the copyrighted material within its operations. The license is NON-TRASFERABLE.

The acquiring company can purchase a single-use license in order to meet this set of requirements. Any questions on this policy and its application need to be directed to support (at) e-janco.com.