2020 IT Hiring Kit Released

IT Hiring Kit (2020) contains the 2020 IT Salary Survey, 324 IT Job Descriptions (2020 version), and the updated Interview Hiring Kit.

The IT Hiring Kit have been updated with the 2020 versions of the IT Salary Survey, fully updated 324 IT Job Description, and Interview Hiring Guide.

IT Salary Survey2020 IT Salary Survey

The 2020 IT Salary Survey showed that total mean compensation for IT professionals went up by 4.9% across the 72 positions that were surveyed.

Tables like the one below, compare compensation by position and company size for this year and last year.

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Executive compensation

2020 IT Job Descriptions

IT Job DescriptionsThe focus of the latest updated job descriptions was to see they are gender-neutral. In addition, nine (9) new job descriptions were added: They are:

  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Manager Blockchain Architecture
  • Project Manager Blockchain
  • Blockchain Analyst
  • Manager DevOps
  • DevOps Application Designer
  • DevOps Quality Control Specialist
  • DevOps Software Engineer
  • DevOps Version Control Specialist

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All of the job descriptions were reviewed in detail and with mandated compliance for US and EU requirements in mind. Each job description has a 2020 copyright associated with. The license also for use in a single company. These descriptions are not for resale or redistribution.

2020 Interview & Hiring Guide

Packed full of best practices and selected electronic forms to streamline the recruiting and hiring process. It includes tools like the ways that candidate information can be validated.

Ways employers verify candidate information

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Versions of the 2024 IT Hiring Kit

IT Hiring Kit Versions

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