Pandemic Infrastructure BundlePandemic Infrastructure Bundle

Pandemic Best Practices for IT Infrastructure

Though its timing, severity, and ultimate strain remain a mystery, a pandemic promises to test the critical Information Technology infrastructure of enterprises across the globe. Professionals have long maintained the potential for pandemic influenza is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.

Enterprises of all sizes need to have plans in place to be ready when a pandemic occurs and have recovery efforts in place. The Pandemic Bundle address all of the issues that enterprise face. It has the four legs that CIOs have to support the enterprise.

  1. Governance Model to address address every facet of the IT Strategy the CIO must support
  2. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan at the ready to address keeping the operation functioning
  3. Policies and Procedures that address everything from Telecommuting to Media Communication in a pandemic
  4. Electronic Forms to facilitate and suppot the process that will have to be in place during the pandemic and when the recovery takes place

Pandemic ChecklistPandemic Planning Checklist - Electronic Form

Janco has developed a pandemic planning checklist that comes as an electronic document which can be used right out of the box to highlight areas which need to be addressed.

The areas of focus for the form are:

  • Impact of a pandemic on the enterprise
  • Impact of a pandemic on employees and customers
  • Supply chain ramifications
  • Definition of specific pandemic procedures that are required to address it
  • Definition of resource allocations need to protect both employees and customers
  • Identification of communication and education required for management and employees
  • Identification of what coordination with external entities and how to help the local community.

It is too late to address many of these issues after a pandemic has taken hold. However, if the enterprise does not have this in place, the Pandemic Planning Checklist is a great first step.

Pandemic Areas Addressed

  1. Safety and well-being. Priory people – That includes company staff, company partners suppliers and their staff, their staff, and customers/clients. Their safety and wellbeing always come first, and they are best informed with the factual data.
  1. Business impact.  Understand the business impact. For example, if a meeting or event is canceled what will the social, scientific, or economic impact be acceptable? What happens if we continue with the meeting or event and participation is reduced? Will this have an impact greater than canceling? What alternatives could be considered? Change of destination, date, or including a virtual element?”
  1. On-site risks. Risks severity of impact vs. likelihood of different scenarios. Use a risk-assessment matrix to plot, identify, and rank risks to determine and decide on appropriate responses. In times of heightened risks, establish a quick response team.
  1. Communications. Continued communication with all stakeholders is also a core part of the approach to ensure people have regular updates and are aware of who to contact in case of questions.

Pandemic Bundle Contents

The Pandemic Bundle is delivered electronically. It comes with a standard 3 month subscription service for all of its components. In addition it can be acquired with 12 or 24 months of update service. That service entitles the user to download all updates during the subscription. Notification of updates will be sent via email as soon as they are available.

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