Industry Standard IT Infrastructure Policies

Industry Standard IT Infrastructure Policies encompass all of the best practices that world class CIOs and enterprises use

Industry Standard Policies - Managing the activities of end-users with today's tech-savvy workforce is a huge challenge. The temptation is always there for employees to abuse social networking sites, instant-messaging, telecommuting privileges and install personal software on company equipment. Lost productivity, slow service, viruses and worse are inevitable unless you are able to develop and enforce clear IT policies throughout your company.

Sure, you have rules for using technology. But are you continually encountering gray areas? Do you have people in your company who like to "push the envelope" with their computer privileges? Do you find that you and your company just spend way too much time defining rules?

All of the policies that are provided here are contained within one or more of the templates that are on this site. These policies have been added as individual documents in MS WORD format for those clients who just need this particular policy. All policies are Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO compliant.

CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle

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Infrastructure PoliciesJanco has combine the policies that it has developed over time with some of the best IT organizations around the globe into a single package. With this bundle you get a PDF file that has all of the procedures in a single document that is over 210 pages long. It would take your staff months to develop these procedures from scratch. In addition you get a separate MS-Word document for each procedure which can easily be modified.

The policies have just been updated to comply with all mandated requirements and include electronic forms that can be Emailed, filled out completely on the computer, routed and stored electronically -- a total solution.

We have just completed a major update of all the individual polices and all of the electronic forms.

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