DevOps Job Description Bundle Released by Janco

DevOps positions added to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Job Family

Order Manager Blockchain Job DescriptionPark City, UT – ( Janco Associates has just released its DevOps Job Description Bundle and updated one of its major IT Job Families, DevOps – Blockchain – DLT family to include all of the DevOps positions. These positions are among the hottest ones within the IT Job Market.

This update provides an easy way for organizations to include DevOps professionals into the existing IT organization, create training programs, define promotion and career path criteria, and align compensation structure. This update is part of Janco’s continuing effort to provide a set of usable infrastructure tools for C-Level executives to meet the challenges they face as they adjust to the new ways that technology is being used.

The positions included in this DevOps job description bundle are: Chief Digital Officer – CDO, Chief Experience Officer – CXO, Digital Brand Manager, Manager DevOps, DevOps Application Designer, DevOps Quality Control Specialist, DevOps Software Engineer, and DevOps Version Control Specialist. Each is at least 3-4 pages long and is delivered electronically. The formats provided are MS Word (.docx), acrobat (.pdf), and eReader (.epub).

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The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “Obtaining a competitive advantage is the focus of almost ever C-Level executive. DevOps is the paradigm which is defining the new ways organizations and customers interact. There will be organizations that take advantage of this, the same way the major airlines leveraged their reservation systems in the ’80s to gain material competitive advantages. Our inventory of IT Job Descriptions had been updated in concert with several corporations that are in various stages of development, implementation, and operation of DepOps solutions.”

He added, “There is a need to develop or acquire IT professionals with DevOps skills. At the same time, the integration of those professionals into the existing IT organization is a daunting challenge. The Job Family Classification solution provides a framework to establish training requirements, promotion criteria, transfers into and out of DevOps efforts, and setting functional pay grades.”

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Currently, Janco has identified a number of positions that are related to DevOps efforts. For each of these positions a migration path into and out of the DevOps - Blockchain – DLT job family are identified. That along with the training and experience definitions provide clear career and promotion paths for those professionals.

The CEO added, “Contained within the Job Family Classification are specific definitions of roles, responsibilities, and capabilities. This along our IT Salary Survey, Interview Hiring Guide, and the Internet and IT Position  Descriptions form the basis for defining a ‘world class’ IT organization.”

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