Good time to be an IT Pro – Covid-19 Shutdown has limited impact on hiring for new IT jobs

Even with Covid-19 shutdown 6,700 new IT jobs were added in March

Park City – UT– Janco Associates, Inc. (Janco), Over 27,900  new IT jobs were created in the first quarter of 2020 even with the Covid-19 shutdown. After reviewing the data and conducting a number of conference calls, Janco has reduced its forecast for overall IT job market growth to just over 95,000 for 2020 from the 100,00 plus at the beginning of March

IT Job Market will have modest growth in CY 2024

There now are approximately 147K unemployed IT Professionals. The IT job market shrank by over 48,600 jobs in CY 2023. Overall that is a flattening of the long term growth rate pattern of IT job market. However, based on our data and forcast models, there will be modest growth in the IT Job Market of just under 22,900 new jobs added in the calandar year 2024.

IT Job Market Forecast

IT Pros unemployed

Number of Open Jobs for IT Prosa
Data complied and forecast updated by Janco Associates with data as of June 2024

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “IT Pros are in a position to take advantage of the ‘work at home’ approach during the Covid-19 shutdown. Also, many companies are directing IT functions to facilitate the support of non IT professional with new and enhanced internet driven applications for telecommuters.” He added, “The demand for contractor help in this effort is high as well. All of this has put IT professionals in positions that make their jobs safer from elimination if the shutdown continues for an extended period.”

Change In IT Job Market Size - June 2024

Net Change in the number of IT Jobs

28,600 IT Jobs have been added in the last 12 months and 12,800 jobs were lost in the last 3 months.

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YTD IT Job Market growth

Janulaitis said, “There has been a noticeable pick-up in the development activities across the board with remote development and team management as the base infrastructure. Software companies are advancing new releases without being encumbered with the ‘overhead’ and inefficiencies associated with traditional office development environment. Developers are now focused on solutions and getting new releases of applications implemented quickly. That approach could be the spark that drives a wave of growth of IT jobs over the two or three quarters.”

The CEO added, “…In a series of conference calls with C-Level executives, Jasco noticed that some key positions at the senior and middle management levels were put on hold because of concerns on how to add members to the IT management teams with the limitations of person to person contact and travel that most companies have instituted.”

Current IT Hiring Plans - IT Job Hiring Stalls - 5.9% Unemployment Rate for IT Pros

Future IT Hiring Trends by CIOs

With the move towards Artificial Intelligence, the treat of an economic downturn, inflation, high energy cost, and the continued wars will continue dampen hiring for IT pros over the next few quarters. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get this information delivered to your inbox as soon as it is released. SUBSCRIBE

The total IT job market is now over 3.67 million positions in the US. The number of telecommunications positions continues to erode as more of the functions are impacted by AI. A recent press release by Corner Bowl Software, describes how AI and automation of monitoring and management of telecommunication no longer requires a large staff. The focus of its current release is on the management of telecommuting workers.

IT Job Market Growth is Flat - IT Pros Face Recessionary Job Market

Recent IT Job Market size - Recovery in full swing for IT Pros

IT Job Market Growth
Updated with the latest data

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